Thanksgiving Day Workout

At Home Thanksgiving Workout!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Before indulging in your favorite stuffing recipe, a plate full of turkey, hopefully some salad & your favorite pie, take some time in the morning to complete this Thanksgiving themed workout!   Directions: Perform 3 rounds of each “course” with a “Turkey Burn” cardio after the third round.  Appetizer: 15 Squats 10[…]

Do-Anywhere Cardio Workout!

This is a super secret sneak peak from the 3-week workout plan I gave my HappilyForeverFit clients after they finished their last FitBlock, shhh 😉  No matter where you are this holiday season, give this workout a go! It’s a great way to finish 2016 with a bang! Set those timers and go!


The Plank Challenge Workout!

I asked all of my clients what their favorite online HappilyForeverFit workout was, and this Plank Challenge Workout was the winner! HappilyForeverFit tested and client approved! Haven’t tried it yet? Give it a go this week! THE PLANK CHALLENGE WORKOUT 1min Plank 30 Push Ups 3/4 Mile Run 1min Plank 30 Burpees w/o Push Up[…]

45 Second Madness Workout

45 Second Madness Workout + MY FIRST VIDEOS!!

MY FIRST VIDEOS!!! I have inserted a brief video of each move in this workout!! Do each of these 6 exercises for 45 seconds, after each exercise rest for 15 seconds. After you complete all 6 exercises, rest 1 minute and then repeat! (Want to make it harder? Do intervals of 50sec/10sec rest!) 45 Second[…]

A Winter Interval Workout

A Winter Interval Workout Give this workout a try while it is storming outside this week – Do 45sec of each exercise, 15sec rest in between; 5 rounds Alternating Forward Lunges  (hold dumbbells or something heavy at chest if available) Plank Knee to Opposite Side Elbow – plank on hands, bring knee to the opp. side[…]

Labor Day Workout, Tabata Style!

First off, happy labor day weekend! I hope you all have some fun plans for the time off and get to enjoy a relaxing weekend with friends and family. Now time for a labor day workout! Between all those BBQs and get-togethers, try and squeeze in this short yet killer workout. It is a tabata[…]